History of Michael Purcell & Son LLP

The Firm was originally established by Michael O`Connell in 1850 who employed his wife’s nephew Michael Purcell as an apprentice who then subsequently succeeded to the practice in 1887. In 1933 his son Frank Purcell qualified and renamed the firm Michael Purcell & Son and took over the practice. On Frank Purcell’s death in 1954 he was succeeded by his wife Teresa P. Purcell who qualified in 1939 and ran the practice until 1974 but continued to practice as a Solicitor until 2003. Her son Michael F. Purcell qualified in 1963 and took over the practice in 1974 ran the practice as the Managing Partner until 2015 was joined during this period by three of his sons Frank Purcell who qualified in 2001, Jack Purcell who qualified in 2002 and Michael G. Purcell who qualified in 2007. Michael F. Purcell remained as a  Consultant in the firm until 2021. The practice has been operating from its current premises at 33 Main Street Macroom since 1974.