District Court

Frank Purcell, Jack Purcell and Michael G. Purcell are members of the Criminal Legal Aid Panel and regularly appear in the District Court.

We represent people across Munster and are present at Macroom District Court at every sitting. We also regularly represent defendants and applicants in civil matters at Bandon, Clonakilty, Mallow and Cork District Courts.

All criminal matters initially come before the District Court and the District Court has a large jurisdiction in terms of the offences it can deal with.

A large range of family law applications can be made before the District Court, please see the Family Law section of this website for more information.

The District Court deals with a multitude of applications including licensing applications. Licensing applications include applications for special exemptions, transfer of liquor licenses, dance licenses, lottery licenses, restaurant certificates, renewal of club licenses, occasional licenses, area exemptions etc.

The District Court has a jurisdiction of up to €15,000.00 meaning that any claim for that amount or less can be brought at the relevant District Court. We have significant experience in prosecuting and defending civil claims within this jurisdiction.

Applications for Debt Recovery by way of Instalment Orders are brought at the District Court and we regularly make such applications. Other issues regularly dealt with by the District Court include Noise Pollution, prosecutions under the Control of Animals legislation, Animal Cruelty cases, etc. and we have both initiated and defended claims in these areas.